There are a number of enquiries that come to NPC regarding where to look for postgraduate courses and careers. This web page, like other pages written for postgraduate funding and accommodation aims to provide some useful pointers of where to find the information you are looking for. The first point to note is the already existing website links pages we have for postgraduate courses:

and also the graduate recruitment networks, some of which have specific interest in those with postgraduate qualifications:

The aim of this page is to give you some brief pointers on where to look, as there are a number of organisations with specialist websites to find all the necessary information, which is beyond the remit of NPC to undertake itself. This page is one that can be continuously added to with further ideas, links and suggestions. Should you have such useful information that you would see as useful to add, please do send it to the General Secretary on

Looking for Postgraduate Courses

If you are seeking information about what courses are available, the postgraduate courses links are extremely helpful with the necessary search engines and other relevant information that you need to seek such courses. You will probably also at the same time wish to seek information about funding, our postgraduate funding guide can be found at

Why take a postgraduate course?

It is a good question what information is out there for those with a postgraduate qualification and where to find jobs requiring such a level of education. For jobs such as teaching, legal or medical work the requirement of a postgraduate qualification may be obvious. However, in many other subject areas, the question is not one where answers can be found directly. There are many ideas on this as will be seen from the following page links, some that are subject specific are at the bottom of this page in a list of further links.

Prospects advice on the benefit of further study

Ideas from Hobsons on several areas of study.

What to look for next with a postgraduate taught qualification?

There is little currently available for those looking specifically for employment in light of completing a taught qualification, and there is certainly more need to address this job market. However, the graduate recruitment networks on our links page will be a start, in particular the following link to this webpage from Graduate Prospects Ltd. where it answers the question: "Your Masters...What Next?".

What are the benefits of doctoral research?

This is a widely debated subject in a number of professions in terms of whether it improves salary prospects, leadership potential or whether it widens job opportunities or gets too specialist. There has been much work in this area in recent days to start to identify the destinations and potential of postgraduate research students and the recent publication, "What do PhDs do?" is very useful for this. Clear statistics are shown here of the destinations of those with PhDs and what job categories they have fallen into.

What to look for next with a postgraduate research qualification?

Like that of postgraduate taught courses there is currently little available for those with research degrees. However, there have emerged recruitment agencies such as, linked to at our graduate recruitment networks links page and also Graduate Prospects Ltd. have also produced a page, "Your PhD...what next?", with a wealth of helpful advice on job prospects.