Scottish Students are able to complain to the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman.

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman was set up in 2002 as a 'one-stop-shop'. It replaced three previous offices - the Scottish Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, the Local Government Ombudsman for Scotland and the Housing Association Ombudsman for Scotland.

The SPSO investigate complaints about most organisations providing public services in Scotland including councils, the National Health Service, housing associations, the Scottish Executive and its agencies and departments, universities and colleges and most Scottish public authorities.

They look into complaints where a member of the public claims to have suffered injustice or hardship as a result of maladministration or service failure. They are like the OIA in England the 'last resort', investigating cases only when the complainant has already exhausted the formal complaints procedure of the organisation concerned.

The SPSO aim not only to provide justice for the individual, but also to share the learning from our work in order to improve the delivery of public services in Scotland. We have a busy programme of Outreach activities that raise awareness of our service among the general public and promote good complaint handling in bodies under our jurisdiction.

The SPSO can be contacted through their website