Welcome to NPC Wales. This website is designed to draw all together the specific resources on NPC's website that are specific to activity affecting postgraduates within Wales. Further to this it also gives a summary of the main points of involvement that NPC Wales is focusing on, aside from developing postgraduate support and representation within Wales.

The Welsh Assembly

Much of the governing has involved lobbying of the Welsh Assembly, www.wales.gov.uk, with the assistance of NUS Wales. Attention to postgraduates in a number of cases has not been paid in terms of funding, policy on teaching excellence and other policy in higher education not the responsibility of the Department for Employment and Skills based in England. Recent lobbying has included petitions to the Welsh Assembly that Assembly Learning Grants (ALGs) are not available to postgraduates.

Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

It is also the case that consultations and other enquiries may come from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), www.hefcw.ac.uk, where NPC Wales will respond as necessary. At present NPC Wales is keen to ensure that HEFCW will take on board the recommendations made by Roberts for the training of postgraduate research students, and also the implementation of improving standards in research degree programmes, where the QAA code of practise for research degrees will be updated.

UK Grad South West and Wales Hub

UK GRAD, www.grad.ac.uk is a UK body working on the implementation of training for postgraduate research students. At present, regional hubs have been set up to assist institutions in training for postgraduate research students and also facilitate any collaborative work within the region. This involves the representation and input from postgraduate research students also in the region, which will be an important opportunity for NPC Wales.

pn Wales

Our newsletter for activity in Wales can be seen on our Welsh Newsletter, pn Wales. The latest editions are here:


NPC Wales has produced a publication for student representative bodies to use with advice on issues relating to Wales specifically. This was written by the founder of NPC Wales, David Manning in 2001. This can be linked to here.


A number of publications are in the process of or have been translated to Welsh. To find out what is available in Welsh, please visit the website in Welsh.

Want to get involved?

The more that postgraduates that get involved in NPC Wales, the better it will become. The door is always open to get involved in whatever way you wish. For more information please email wales@npc.org.uk.