The effect of top up fees on Scottish students

The Higher Education Bill will potentially have an adverse effect on Students in Scotland according the Scottish Parliaments Enterprise and Culture Committees Report "Scottish Solutions". It recommended that the Scottish Executive put more money into Higher Education and that Universities should get financial assistance from the business community. According to the Scotland on Sunday under the UK government's proposals Scottish Students will not give special assistance to those who wish to go to English Universities; the 1.5bn loan will apply to English students only. Furthermore it is stated that unless the Scottish Executive agrees to fill the breach for Scottish students travelling to England, they will be forced to pay up prior to starting courses each year. The article also states that sources with the Scottish Executive hinted that ministers will be unwilling to pay the loan for Scottish Students. This will have a knock on effect by put off undergraduates from doing postgraduate courses outside due to the burden of debt incurred.

Another major concern is how the concentration of research funding will add to the problem of many Scottish higher education institutions reducing their funding. With the attractiveness of higher education institutions in England with significantly higher funding, there is a potential problem that staff will be lost so that resources will be heavily deflated. This will significantly impact the future opportunities for postgraduates in Scotland, which NPC Scotland has raised its concerns about.