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Welcome to the all new NPC Scotland Website. This is designed to assist in communicating issues that NPC is covering on matters affecting postgraduates in Scotland specifically. There are links below with explanations to all the web resources that are available on this website with regard to Scotland.

Activities of NPC Scotland

NPC Scotland has identified the following areas where it is has been and plans to be involved in lobbying or having dialouge:

Scottish Executive, - Here there have been a number of cases where NPC Scotland has been lobbying the Scottish Executive on matters affecting postgraduates in Scotland, most notably the response to the recent Scottish Solutions report where there are concerns about the effects of introducing tuition fees south of the border leading to a potential loss of staff leaving to pursue a more prospective career while students may come to Scotland seeking cheaper education. More recently NPC has been feeding into two committees exploring the flow of students in Scotland while the other is considering the state of affairs on staffing. Another consultation produced by the Scottish Executive has been that on student complaints in Scotland. NPC Scotland has also produced a response to this in light of the complex difficulties experienced by postgraduates, especially research students.

Scottish Parliament, - Here from time to time issues arise such as the response we made to a report published on lifelong learning. NPC Scotland expressed its opposition to the lack of attention given to postgraduates and questions what lifelong learning is if it does not include postgraduate education. Consequent reports issued by the Scottish Executive were also responded to.

QAA Scotland, - The activities of QAA are significantly different in Scotland with Enhancement Led Reviews where institutions are very much driving their reviews initially to constructively identify their areas for improvement. NPC Scotland is in close communication with QAA Scotland and is involved in relevant forums and other activity happening within the reviews.

Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC), - The Scottish Higher Education Funding Council will periodically issue consultations etc. which NPC Scotland will respond to such as their Joint Corporate Plan.

UKGRAD Scotland Hub, - UK GRAD Hubs consist of careers services, those involved in the training and development of postgraduates, skills development officers, graduate schools and postgraduate representatives. NPC Scotland therefore plans to input into the regional hub at their events.

pn Scotland

The editions of pn Scotland are available to the right of this page to receive updates on NPC Scotlands latest activity.

NUS Scotland/NPC Scotland/EIS Employed Postgraduates Charter

As NPC has already set up employment charters with other lecturers unions with the National Union of Students, it was thought appropriate that NPC Scotland should also collaborate with NUS Scotland and the Educational Institute in Scotland to adopt a charter, which can largely be implemented within the new Universities in Scotland. In the future NPC Scotland plans to promote this charter through student representative bodies to encourage postgraduates who teach about the rights they are entitled to. The link to the charter is here.

NPC Scotland Email List

The primary means of communication on matters concerning NPC Scotland, like the rest of NPC is through the email list where essential information is communicated. You can join the email list at

If you have any further enquiries about NPC Scotland, please email the General Secretary on