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The NPC is well known for the "Guidelines" series. Each booklet provides a set of draft guidelines on which institutions can base their own guidelines. They provide a basis for the promotion of good practice within institutions, and support for individual postgraduates or their representatives to argue for improved provision. All are kept under review, and are revised and updated as a result of the latest developments.

  • Guidelines on Codes of Practice for Postgraduate Research, 1992.
    This sets out minimum guidelines for research students (on doctoral or Masters' programmes), their supervisors and departments. It highlights the importance of the processes of supervision and appraisal.
  • Guidelines for Instructional Postgraduate Courses, 1993.
    Complementing the research guidelines, these cover taught Masters' and diploma courses, emphasising the importance of course design and mechanisms for feedback.
  • Guidelines for the Employment of Postgraduate Students as Teachers, 1994.
    In the light of the increased use of postgraduates as teachers, these guidelines argue for high quality teaching, underpinned by training, proper remuneration and support, and maximum workloads.
  • Guidelines for the Conduct of Research Degree Appeals, 1995.
    Research degrees are very different in nature to taught degrees; assessment is necessarily more subjective and qualitative. These guidelines provide rigorous appeals procedures tailored to the needs of research degrees.
  • Guidelines on Accommodation and Facilities for Postgraduate Research, 1995.
    The newest publication in the series covers the area of academic accommodation and facilities, including the need for good provision of offices, common rooms, libraries and computing facilities, and the importance of easy access for all sections of the student community.
  • Guidelines on the Provision of Exclusive Postgraduate Facilities, 2003.
    These guidelines came out of a report published by the NPC on the many exclusive facilities for postgraduates and these guidelines help to assist institutions on how such facilities are beneficial and also not beneficial to help with better implementation. Any institution considering expanding their facilities for postgraduates will find these guidelines invaluable.
  • Guidlines on the Remit of a Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer,2004.
    A number of institutions are considering the introduction of a Postgraduate Sabbatical and it is not so clear at this stage what their role should be. These guidelines give recommendations on such a role and also the terms and conditions that it works most appropriately.
  • Guidlines on Including Postgraduates in the Institutional Audit Process,2005.
    Several institutions have sent enquiries to NPC about postgraduates in the institutional audit process that now heavily involves the input from student representative bodies. These guidelines therefore help to answer these questions as well as give directions to other existing material.

For further information on the Guidelines, please contact the General Secretary. All the Guidelines are available as part of the NPC Resource Folder.

Journal of Graduate Education

The Journal of Graduate Education is a quarterly journal sponsored by the NPC which aims to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to the development of graduate education in the UK. The first issue was published in August 1994.

NPC Resource Folder

The Resource Folder (ISBN 1-899997-07-5) was published in Summer 2001, containing all of the Guidelines and effectively replacing the older Postgraduate Book. A copy of the folder is supplied free to each affiliated institution. In addition, copies may be purchased at a price of 20 each (if the purchaser is a student or staff member at an affiliated institution) or 40 each (otherwise); contact the General Secretary if you're interested. The folder is sponsored by CSU, publishers of Prospects, and is updated on a regular basis. Many items from the folder have been used to create our Postgraduate Facts and Issues resource on this site.


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The NPC also produces an Annual Report and conference proceedings as well as other reports freely available online. All these publications can be viewed here.

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