Individual Donations Scheme

If you wish to give charitable donations to help the interests of postgraduates in the UK, then making donations to the National Postgraduate Committee will most certainly help in this process. In 2002/03, the National Postgraduate Committee became a fully fledged charity and as a result it has introduced an individual donations scheme as one of its sources of income. If you donate to the National Postgraduate Committee, your support will be used to meet the ever increasing costs of travel for one of the following:

  • To the travel and subsistence required for the General Secretary as the only full time officer to travel around the UK to attend meetings, visit institutions and carry out other essential business.
  • To the travel and subsistence required for other voluntary officers to travel to executive meetings or carry out other business.
  • Attendance at conferences by officers should the opportunity arise.

Individual donations require a minimum of 30 donation per year and there is no upper limit on donations beyond this amount. Donors will receive free copies of the Journal of Graduate Education when editions are printed as well as mailings of our quarterly newsletter, pn. Further to this, donors will be entitled to a password to access the affiliates area of the website where there is wealth of literature on postgraduate facts and issues. Corporate bodies may also donate to the scheme.

Under the gift aid scheme, individual donors who are basic rate UK taxpayers may claim tax relief on their donations - they simply need to know that the NPC is a Scottish Charity, SC 033368 and declare in the individual donations form that they wish to include their donation in the Gift Aid Scheme. Corporate donors may claim tax relief in a similar way.

To find out more about the individual donations scheme, please contact the General Secretary on You can also download an application form from the website, We hope that you will be able to provide your much needed support.

To download the application form in pdf, please click here, where you can print it and mail it to us. If, on the other hand, you are unable to and wish to receive a form by post, please contact the General Secretary.