Postgraduate Facts and Issues

The definitive guide to postgraduate issues in the UK

This is your starting point for general information about the postgraduate community and the issues it faces. Much of the content provided in this section is taken from the NPC Resource Folder, available to affiliated institutions or individual subscribers.

The Resource Folder has been developed over the course of a number of years, consolidating the knowledge of our affiliates, officers and external contacts. The following pages represent a guide to the life and work of postgraduates, and an insight into the opportunities, pressures and achievements that postgraduate study generates.

About Postgraduates
by Tim Brown, Ewan Gillon and Jeremy Hoad
Supporting Postgraduates
by Tim Brown, Ewan Gillon and Jeremy Hoad
Postgraduate Policy Responses
The NPC's responses to consultation documents and reports into higher education
Postgraduate Publications
including the Guidelines series
by Tim Brown
Old Policy Responses Archive
by various authors