Northern Ireland

Policy passed at the Ordinary General Meeting on 2004-02-28

NPC opposes all tuition fees and variable rate fees and potential increases in fee levels at undergraduate level due to the deterrent effect such debt has on decisions to undertake postgraduate study.
NPC opposes moves to introduce the tuition fees provisions of the Higher Education Act (2004) to Northern Ireland.

Policy passed at the Ordinary General Meeting on 2004-06-05

Lobby the Department of Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland to seek fairer funding for taught postgraduates in line with NPCs policy on postgraduate funding.
Work with NUS-USI, NATFHE and AUT to promote the charters for postgraduates who teach within Northern Ireland.
Work with NUS-USI in promoting resources available to enhance postgraduate representation within higher education institutions.
NPC will maintain a section of the website promoting work in Northern Ireland.