Policy passed at the Ordinary General Meeting on 2002-11-02

The NPC believes that the introduction of GATS to UK Higher Education would have a negative impact by: reducing or eliminating altogether the public funding available; increase pressure to sacrifice economically non-viable activities; lead to a loss of revenue lucrative course and a loss of savings from cost effective courses, meaning that some unprofitable courses will be vulnerable to closure; weaken quality; prevent government regulation in the public interest; undermine co-operative internationalisation; and affect academics by accelerating commodification, eroding employment conditions, constraining academic freedom, introducing a dynamic towards higher fees, affecting access and equality, threatening the educational experience. The NPC resolves to work with other bodies in opposing the inclusion of UK Higher Education in the GATS negotiations and will, following further research, respond to the Government consultation entitled "Liberalising Trade in Services - A new consultation on the World Trade Organisation GATS negotiations".