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Policy passed at the Ordinary General Meeting on 2004-11-13

NPC is opposed to commercial rates of student loans for undergraduates, on the grounds that these debts, when carried over into postgraduate study, act as a deterrent. Real-terms interest on student loans could hit postgraduates harder than most students as interest will continue to accrue during postgraduate study.
NPC will not express a preference between the policies of the Conservative or Labour Parties at this time.

NPC will write to the Conservative Party informing them of our opposition to these means of passing costs on to students; and of our particular concerns for how this would disproportionately penalise graduates who go into postgraduate study. At the very least, we urge them to freeze interest above the rate of inflation on student loans for those in postgraduate study, and to make this concession in their manifesto.

NPC will write to other parties expressing our position on student funding.