British National Party

Policy passed at the Ordinary General Meeting on 2005-02-26

The NPC believes that promotion of the BNP is against the public interest. In light of our equal opportunities the NPC will not promote the BNP in a positive way in communications. The NPC will highlight, if the Communications Officer wishes, and if this would be in the public interest, places where the BNP position would be unacceptable to NPC due to our values as expressed in our equal opportunities policy.

Overt BNP activity or BNP promotion at an NPC event is considered a breach of the equal opportunities policy that the chair is mandated to resolve. The definition of overt activity and appropriate steps to resolve this shall be determined by the meeting chair on the advice of the equal opportunities officer. A record of ongoing public activity for the BNP by a person requesting membership shall be considered reasonable and sufficient grounds for the chair not to grant membership should they judge that granting membership would, on the balance of probabilities lead to a breach of the equal opportunity policy.