NPC/03/05/C: Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, Response to the Joint Corporate Plan 2003-2006 Consultation on Targets for Inclusion

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by Tim Brown

In the response below you will find our answers to the questions as placed on the response form provided online. We have answered our questions in this way such that our responses could be shared with members of NPC Scotland electronically as we largely exist as a virtual committee.

1. Are the targets appropriate and will they allow us adequately to demonstrate and measure progress on, and achievement of, our objectives?

We agree that areas requiring further research have been identified, which will be pursued with suitable deadlines.

2. Are there other targets that should be included?

With regards to fair access, we would urge investigation into continuation to postgraduate education since as numbers begin to rise when entering higher education, the question will arise as to how much further beyond that stage a student can reach.

3. Where we have suggested targets that include a process for the measurements of progress, have we proposed the right process and have we set the rate of progress appropriately?

We would agree that this is appropriate, given that deadlines have been set before the end of the period for which this strategy is set thus giving surplus time if needed.

4. Where we have not identified a measure of progress, what measurement systems should we adopt? And what rate of progress do you believe we should adopt?

In these circumstances, we would suggest seeing evidence of improvement using appropriate statistics and feedback where appropriate.