The NPC Committee

The NPC is run through the work of the General Secretary and volunteers managing non-sabbatical posts. Here is a brief introduction to the new committee.

The chair is important in being the second person to the General Secretary speaking for the organisation and understanding and operating the constitution and chairing meetings and managing time. Marilyn Shanks has been involved over a number of years being a project officer and Ordinary Exec Officer. She is ending her term as Postgraduate Officer with executive elections forthcoming.

The treasurer has to ensure we keep accurate financial and that as a charity we are run transparently. Tim Roll- Pickering is reading for a PhD in History at Queen Mary, University of London where he is Postgraduate Officer. He has served as treasurer from May 2002 to 2004, becoming chairperson for a year and now returning to the position of treasurer.

Project Officers
These officer initially have no remit and decide on their own projects at the annual meeting.

Dries Neirynck has been representing postgraduates at the University of Bristol since 2000 and will continue to provide training before OGMs as NPC project officer. He is also thinking of providing specific training to union and postgraduate officers at affiliated institutions. If you might be interested, please send an e-mail to dries.neirynck@

David Bean is the first Director of Student Development and Activities at St Andrews University, a role that involves working with student groups, societies and other bodies to co-ordinate the provision of student-led services in the town. His project will involve networking with Scottish institutions.

Ismael Malik is the President of Birkbeck and is intending to look at Intellectual Property rights for his project.

Katie Harper is the Vice President Education for Southampton Union and is keen to develop links between universities in the South East.

Conference Secretary
This role is the demanding one of helping to organise the Annual Conference alongside the General Secretary and committee. Stephen Abbots is from Aston University where he graduated in maths and computer science and is currently the V.P.Ed&Welfare having previously been the Chairperson and School Liaison Officer.

Minutes Secretary
This role is much valued and is important in recording all decisions that are made at meetings.

Andre Oboler has been involved with the NPC as a project officer where he was an observer to the QAA. He is from Australia and is studying at Lancaster University.

Communications Officer
This role is integral to highlighting what the NPC does to our affiliates, non affiliates and other organisations with similar aims. Duncan Connors is a student at the Department of Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow and organized the Conference in 2005.

Ordinary Officers
These officers ensure the committee is run properly and that officers are accountable.

Harpreet Singh has been involved with the NPC for a number of years. He is completing his PhD at Aston University where he was the VP Education and Welfare. He is Eurodoc Treasurer and ensures the committee is aware of Europe wide developments.

Equal Opps
Lade Robinson is from Strathclyde University where he was the postgrad convenor. He is also the secretary for NPC Scotland. He has being in working closely with the student union and the postgrads and has plans for ensuring.

NPC Scotland Chair
Maggie Chapman is the NPC Scotland Chair and acting Scottish Treasurer (until a treasurer is found). She is postgraduate convener for Edinburghs SRC and originally from Zimbabwe.