New Publication on Personal Development Planning for Postgraduates

Another highly successful project undertaken jointly with the UK GRAD Programme,, and the Centre for Recording Achievement,, has been on both institutional and user perceptions of personal development planning (PDP) for postgraduate research students. The review was commissioned by UK GRAD in response to a number of enquiries from higher education institutions about good practice in this field. The main bulk of this project was to seek emerging points of good practice both from institutional surveys and also gaining results from individual students.

NPC's main role in this project was to set up an online survey for research students to respond to. Over 1300 responses were received so we are grateful to all institutions who helped in this and the Alumni from UK GRAD. The information was put up against findings from institutions to try and identify areas of personal development planning that are strong and also weak. Much work of focus groups and other activities are continuing to follow up this project with some key findings produced in a short written report available to download at Another more detailed report of the research student survey will also be available in this directory in the near future.