Reforming research degrees - NPC couldn't be more needed

Recently NPC has been attending and had active involvement in meetings of the Quality Assurance Agency workgroup to reform the code of practice for research degrees. When going into meetings and discussing work carried out, Tim Brown has said to himself "our presence here could not show more clearly why NPC is needed". While reforming the code of practice of research degrees, NPC's involvement has ensured that the interests of postgraduates and their "student centred" focus on the new code is implemented as best as possible. Without NPC, there would be no opportunity whatsoever to hear the interests of postgraduates across the UK. All members of the workgroup with an interest in research degrees have contributed written drafts to the research code. NPC has been contributing much on complaints and appeals and also inductions, where our knowledge at grassroots level has been of vital importance to reform the inherent problems there currently in existence.

The new code of practice will be going to consultation during June, where others from NPC can respond to it should they feel that any further amendment is needed from what the working group has planned. Following that, the plan is that it will go to publication in September 2005.