New resource folder on its way

In 2001, NPC launched its first resource folder, the biggest publication it has ever produced also available online at, most of which is accessible to affiliates only. Being a folder it is open to being a renewable publication and the time has now come where some renewal will be beneficial. In light of this Tim Brown has been busy writing some sections to add to the resource folder when he has had the time to do so and now hopes to re-publish the resource folder as a second edition in the not too distant future. The new folder will contain an update of recent policy responses, guidelines and other short publications. Further to this there will be a wealth of support material for affiliates and information to individual postgraduates in affiliated institutions. Here are some examples of what will be included. For supporting and representing postgraduates there will be information on:

  • Communicating to postgraduates
  • Allocating finances to support postgraduates
  • Models of postgraduate representation
  • Representing postgraduates in small institutions
  • Tips for postgraduate based institutions
  • How do we involve postgraduates? - The answers
  • Ideas on postgraduate social activities
  • Ideas on a postgraduate website area

Further to this there will be information for the individual postgraduate that can be linked to via local websites and used to directly benefit the individual postgraduate from affiliates. Here are some examples of what will be there:

  • Isolation for research students
  • Complaints and appeals for postgraduates
  • Failing a research degree viva, what next?
  • Breakdown with supervisor

Tim hopes these upgrades will prove useful to help answer the frequent questions he receives from student representative bodies and also individual postgraduates. This is indeed only the start and Tim also hopes even more that it will be possible to get a third edition out in the not too distant future since the resource folder is one of the most useful items it has been able to produce for its affiliates while meeting its important charitable aims.