Ordinary General Meeting, Saturday 28th February

The next ordinary general meeting will take place on Saturday 28th February 2004 during the afternoon at the University of Leeds. We plan to have a networking session to exchange ideas on what people around the country are doing with representing postgraduates. This will be from 1330-1430 for those who arrive on time. Following that at 1500 hours, the meeting will formally begin, with a planned end time of 1830 hours. Business to be discussed will include:

  • Discussion of the higher education bill, what are the next steps?
  • An update on work to lobby regional development agencies for funding taught postgraduate courses.
  • First reading of NPCs formal grievance procedure drafted by the constitutional subcommittee, which requires approval of delegates.

We hope the meeting will be a good opportunity to have useful national debate on issues affecting postgraduates but also provide the opportunity for effective networking and sharing ideas both in the workshops and the social events during the weekend. There will be informal policy workshops taking place the following Sunday on the 29th February from 1000 hours to 1300 hours. For more information please contact the General Secretary, Tim Brown on npc@npc.org.uk