Nominations now open: General Secretary 2004/05

The election of the 2004/05 General Secretary will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14th August. I myself will be standing down in October, due to constitutional ruling, and returning to my engineering career, which has been much missed. I hope that there will be keen candidates standing for election to take up a sabbatical post that is of no similarity to any other, a challenge greater than many but has many rewards and provides a reformed and glowing CV. The post is very important as it will largely determine the future of NPC as the only full time post and indeed the UKs only national postgraduate sabbatical. Here are statements given by previous people in the post to show just what it has to offer:

"Being NPC General Secretary offered me huge scope to develop personally and professionally... I am now back working in my academic discpline of psychology but still draw on the skills I developed during my time with the NPC in running my own research organisation" Ewan Gillon, General Secretary 1995/96

"The range of different experiences that the position offers must be pretty unique!.... Most of all, seeing the real difference that the NPC has been able to make through its work, and the leading role that the General Secretary plays in that, was very exciting...What I am certain about is that the skills I gained as NPC General Secretary would have put me in a good position whatever career path I chose..." Jamie Darwen, General Secretary 1994/95

"Every day is different, it teaches so many things, and its not until a few years time Ill next have the opportunity to be giving keynote conference presentations, being in a key leading position of an organisation and networking across the UK and beyond. I look forward to when I will be a leader in my academic career, as I know what to expect." Tim Brown, Incumbent General Secretary, 2002-2004.

If any of you have any enquiries in confidence about the post and would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch. My email is and am happy to arrange to meet or talk over the phone as appropriate.

Tim Brown.