New Publications Released

NPC has released some publications since the last edition of pn all available with other publications at The two new publications released are:

  • "Complaints in Practice: Complaints in Crisis", by Tim Brown and Don Staniford. This report was originally produced by work carried out by Don in 1998 as a project officer who wrote up a report and widely distributed it but it was never made an official publication. It was thought that this work was important to document in the British Library as a contribution to the higher education community in showing the inconsistency, informality, lack of transparency and impartiality in student complaints. This will also assist as helpful evidence of NPCs continuing campaigns in the area. The report was therefore updated and made into a publishable format by Tim as a result.
  • "Guidelines on the Remit of a Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer", by Tim Brown. In light of a number of institutions considering the introduction of a postgraduate sabbatical officer, this short set of guidelines was produced to be used as a template for the remit a postgraduate sabbatical should have. After these guidelines were approved by NPC in November 2003, Tim was interested to find that his own students union at the University of Surrey had the intention to introduce a postgraduate sabbatical officer to take office in June so the guidelines immediately went to good use. It is hoped that the guidelines will be of use to a number of other institutions seriously considering introducing a postgraduate sabbatical.

Tim Brown