Lobbying Regional Development Agencies

In May 2003, NPC met with Margaret Hodge, the then minister for lifelong learning, further and higher education. Amongst a number of other things, the discussion of regional development agencies (RDAs) funding taught postgraduate courses as a way of developing the needs of the regional economy was raised. Since the meeting, it was found that there was no reason as to why a RDA could not fund taught postgraduate courses. As NPC recognises the benefit of taught postgraduate education including the benefit to society and the economy, the opportunity to develop students to undertake research degrees and the desire from employers for qualifications beyond graduation, this is a positive step forward to allow funding to be available.

In light of policy passed at the ordinary general meeting in November 2003, the next ordinary general meeting this coming February will approve a paper to be presented to a RDA to begin the process of lobbying for funding of taught postgraduate courses.

Tim Brown