Coventry: The 2004 Conference Venue

This is a place you may well have passed through when travelling on the cross country train service. Coventry is the home of the first car, the Lanchester, one of the newest built Cathedrals and a wealth of history both old and new. The centrality on the railway lines and its proximity to Birmingham Airport by train makes it a good location for NPCs 2004 Annual Conference from 12th-15th August.

Attendees will have accommodation available on campus within easy reach of the lecture theatres and eating places. There will also be opportunity during the conference to visit local attractions. The subject NPC wishes to cover this year is the future of postgraduate education, which will largely be determined by where the higher education bill will go. This is something that will be uncertain and it is likely we will have a key opportunity to consider what the next steps of action are for 21st Century postgraduate education.

Joe Rukin