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Welcome again to pn and the second issue for this year!

A lot has happened since November and there has been much progress and a lot to report from the NPC. A lot of this will be covered and discussed in the upcoming OGM on Saturday 18th Feb in Leeds, feel free to come along.

In this edition, youll get to read about the effects of the Higher Education Bill and what the future may hold for PG studies in the UK. The NPC has also released guidelines on the remit of Postgraduate Sabbaticals amongst its other recent publications. The NPC are also going to send delegates to Athens for the Eurodoc conference in March. In an equally idyllic location, preparations are well underway for Conference 2004, that is kindly being hosted in Coventry. Its at Conference that the elections will happen for the new General Secretary and the rest of the Exec. To round it all off, you can get to read about what our current General Secretary has been up to recently!

If you have any comments on any of the items, or would like to see additional items featured please do drop me a line on So I think its time to now move onto the rest of pn 3.2!

Midge Mistry

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