The Independent Ajudicator Appointed

The NPC is pleased to see the long overdue appointment of the independent adjudicator to replace the medieval, archaic and non-impartial University Visitorial system. At present, the "old Universities" have a Visitor to deal with student complaints if the student is not happy with the way the complaint has been handled internally. The problem is that the Visitor is normally the Queen or Archbishop of Canterbury or someone of similar nature who have no professional experience with student complaints and can take at least a year to respond. The office of the independent adjudicator (OIA) will therefore allow a much more timely response to complaints. The NPC expects more complaints to unfold with a great deal of bureaucracy removed, although expects there to be a learning curve, since many complaints that could be dealt with internally may not be. This would then drain the OIAs resources preventing it from concentrating on the serious cases that did require external arbitration. The most serious and complicated cases are more than likely to involve research students, which can lead to extended investigations.

Tim Brown