New Student Centre for London Students Unveiled

The University of London and University of London Union (ULU) have released details of a proposed new postgraduate centre within a larger student centre to act as a 1 stop shop for the capitals students that is planned to open within the next 2 years.

The proposal is a central part of "Transformation", a plan to make ULU more relevant to the needs of Londons students in the 21st century. Many other facilities as well as postgraduate facilities are being considered. ULU President Chris Piper said: "ULU was formed 50 years ago when the University of London and its student population were completely different to now. Our starting point in proposing this was to look at the profile, needs and provision for the student population and then design a new facility which addresses this rather than looking to simply reform ULU based on its current structure and functions. From this it is becoming increasingly clear that many, many students can benefit from a central 1 stop shop supporting and supplementing existing college based services or meeting the distinctive needs of postgraduates, medical and health students, international students and the like."

More can be found from ULUs website, Also information specifically on the London Postgraduate Centre (LPC) ideas are at