Conference 2004 Bigger than ever

The 2003 annual conference in Worcester was a fantastic success with attendance figures far higher than ever expected. It was a great encouragement to see a good turnout from both affiliates and potential affiliates. The first day went to a great start, with speakers on the main theme, widening participation in postgraduate education. Our speakers, including Prof Sir Martin Harris, identified that widening participation as more than involvement of lower social classes but also inclusion of other groups such as those from different ethnic backgrounds and gender equality.

The second day was the most popular attendance wise, where there was a wide range of sessions on the latest postgraduate issues, as well as training sessions. It was encouraging to see the positive feedback that many present were well informed of postgraduate issues and how to support postgraduates better. Outside of that there was plenty of opportunity for networking.

The Annual General Meeting saw the passing of motions on visa extensions, the influence of foundation degrees on postgraduate education and guidelines for postgraduate provisions. Also the elections saw the re-election of Chris Neville-Smith as Chair, Tim Brown as General Secretary and Tim Roll-Pickering as Treasurer. The rest of the Executive officers were also elected helping to make the full complement of the NPC team. The end of the day saw a celebrity music performance in Worcester Students Union.