2004 General Secretary Needed!

By constitutional ruling, I must leave my post as full time General Secretary in October 2004, since only 2 terms of office are allowed. This means that the campaign must begin to call for people to stand for the next General Secretary at our 2004 Annual General Meeting. There are no particular requirements, you just have to convince delegates that youve got the experience and stamina to do the job and then you may just be elected.

Theres no denying the post is a straightforward job, but its a great reward. You will have experience in leadership, organisation, management and a whole host of other skills since the post has a wide range of tasks. Every day is different, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects and speaks volumes to an employer. If you are caught by the idea of being the UKs only postgraduate national sabbatical, please do feel free to talk about it in confidence. My email is npc@npc.org.uk.

Tim Brown.