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Dear Reader,

Hello and welcome to this, the first of a new volume of pn, and also the first one I've edited as NPC Communications officer.

Let me take a few brief words to introduce myself before I introduce you to the contents of pn 3.1. My name is Midge Mistry and am the NPC Communications officer 2003/04. Furthermore, I'm also a Sabbatical Officer, Vice President of Democracy & Communications, at the University of Bath Students' Union. My email is should you wish to have any items featured in pn this year please feel free to send them to me.

In this edition you have the delights of catching up on where the NPC has been consulting, owing very much to the hard work of the General Secretary. As you can imagine these are still ongoing and work is constantly being done in these areas. Following on from this we have the start of the recruitment drive for the new General Secretary for next year, so if you think you could also make a difference drop us a line!

As stated earlier, this is the first pn for this year's committee as a team. In this issue you'll find out how the team bonded at the executive weekend that was very well hosted at Aston University. At this weekend many items were discussed, one of the most prominent was the new visa charges. The NPC together with other national organisations, most notably the Council for International Students (CIS), are continuing to make progress on this and hopefully we will see a favourable change in the not too distant future. Further reports include the sum-up of the AGM in Worcester were the direct was set for the coming year.

And so, without further ado, welcome again to pn 3.1

Many thanks,
Midge Mistry.

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