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Dear Reader,
As the academic year rapidly comes to and end and deadlines become ever more threatening, panic-stricken students run everywhere and invigilation is the new buzzword in the postgrad lounge. But dont worry, take a deep breath and keep your head down safe in the knowledge that pretty soon the campus and everything it has to offer will be your domain. When the undergraduates have fled, leaving behind them a pile of discarded revision notes, it will be time for that indefinable creature known as the postgraduate to raise its head and once more become the rightful king of the jungle yes, its the summer and theres plenty of sunshine for everyone in pn. In this edition we will find out how our new friend John Wakeford can help postgrads in a crisis, catch up with Margaret Hodge to talk about what the government is or is not doing for you and in true popstars style we launch our nation-wide search for the NPC General Secretary 2003/2004. Have a great summer, I look foward to sharing a bottle of NPC wine with you at the annual conference in Worcester.

Paul Williams
NPC Communications Officer

In this edition:

1. Wanted: General Secretary for 2003-04

2. NPC Talks to the Government

3. NPC's new Friend

4. Postgrads with a Mission and Vision

5. "Access all Areas" in Worcester

6. New Publication: "Providing for the Postgraduate Market"

7. New: "Employed Postgrad Charter"

8. NPC Responds to the Bologna Declaration

9. NPC Treasurer Speaks with the AHRB

10. Notices