At the November NPC OGM in Cardiff members were invited to contribute at two policy workshops from which two formal responses have been submitted. These responses along with the results of the NPC's postgraduate funding survey - which was handed over to the copyright libraries agency on the 21st of January - can be accessed on our web site:


Tim Brown submitting the NPC's funding survey for copyright.

Response to the Joint Funding Bodies Review of Research Assessment

This consultation looks at what quality research is and whether it is reflected by the current UK research and assessment exercise. We consider
the different options available for assessment and show our support to a peer assessment on quality research. We show our idea of research quality to be that of well published data and in terms of the contribution that the research has to the wider international community and society in general. As students we would also identify high research quality in terms of the management and development of researchers in a unit. Our response can be downloaded from The review of Research Assessment can be read at