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Welcome to the first 2003 edition of pn. It has proved an eventful year so far with the much-anticipated release of the government's white paper on the future of higher education; James Groves takes a look at the papers potential effect on postgraduate education. In addition we cover the responses resulting from the November OGM in Cardiff and take a look at some of the ways postgraduate representation can be increased in our student unions.

We recently distributed a general NPC article for publication in your student union magazine or newsletter - thank you to those who passed this on to the relevant media officer. It is important that the UK postgraduate community recognise the NPC as a national body representing and working on their behalf. Please feel free to duplicate any part of this newsletter for general readership and do let us know what's happening with your postgraduate association, send an article for the web site or the next edition of pn. As we say in Bath; got a degree, got a life, got involved!

Paul Williams
Communications Officer

Teresa Rees (author of the Reese report) iscusses some of the recent developments in the governments approach to postgraduate education with attendees at the Cardiff OGM.


1. White Paper Offers Mixed Blessings for Postgraduates

2. NPC Conference 2003 to be held in Worcester

3. NPC OGM at the University of Bristol SU, 15-16th February

4. Increasing Postgrad Representation in your Union

5. NPC Responses

6. By-laws Summit Meeting

7. Notices

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