Postgraduate/Undergraduate a Great Divide?

Update from the Postgraduate Facilities Survey.

Following the research undertaken by Tim Brown last year into the independent postgraduate facilities provided by different institutions and the advantages and disadvantages of such a postgraduate/undergraduate divide. The presentation of results at the annual conference was followed by discussions on the stance that the NPC should take on the issue. Valid reasons were recognised as to why separate facilities should be provided when the distinctive needs and interests of postgraduates are taken into account. In many cases, these significantly differ from those of undergraduates however the conference believed in the value that postgraduates can get from involvement in activities with undergraduates such as sports clubs and societies.

The Cardiff OGM will see a discussion of the NPC guidelines to be produced taking into account the many examples of good practise that were identified and considering part time students and the importance of the size of the institution involved.

You can still contribute to this research by downloading a questionnaire from
- Tim Brown