NPC Survey Exposes the Hows and Whys of Postgraduate Funding Priorities

The NPC announced the results of its survey of postgraduate funding and priorities at the annual conference in St Andrews. The University of Warwick Students Union who were commissioned to carry out the work focussed specifically on a few key issues; postgraduate finance, reasons for pursuing postgraduate study and the future plans of postgraduate students. 982 responses from home students at 17 different institutions were collected from a postal questionnaire in May/June 2002. The project was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of CSU (publishers of Prospects).

An institutions location and reputation were cited as being of major influence when choosing a course, while 75% of respondents claimed financial obstacles as the biggest barrier. The financial situation doesnt get much easier during study with over 50% of respondents claiming in-sufficient funding during their course most of these students were aged between 20 and 25 and full-time students on taught courses in the arts and humanities and most respondents anticipate an increase in debt of £2500 on graduation. 39% said financial considerations strongly influenced their choice of part-time or full-time study, but the increased debt was believed to be worth it as 48% expected their course to lead to higher earnings of £22,000 plus.

As reported on by Joe Rukin the moral of the survey is to get a job and get your employer to pay for your postgrad, and if you can or cant do that, study it part time.

Copies of the survey will be presented at the Cardiff OGM.
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- Paul Williams