Adrian Furse has resigned as NPC Treasurer. A replacement Treasurer up to the AGM on the 17th August will be elected at the Cheltenham OGM. Anybody wishing to stand should contact James Groves for information on how to stand and what the job involves. In the meantime, the job of Treasurer shall be discharged by Alex Lewis.

Craig Buchanan has stepped down as Chair of NPC Scotland after a year in office. NPC Scotland gave a vote of thanks for Craig Buchanan and elected Chris Stuart as a replacement Chair. Jim Ewing was elected to replace Chris Stuart as Vice Chair.

Elections for next years Chair, Vice Chair/Secretary and Treasurer of NPC Scotland will be elected at the next meeting of NPC Scotland, due on the 8th June and Robert Gordon University. All Scottish affiliates to NPC have one vote.

The position of NPC Treasurer is currently vacant. This will be elected at the next meeting of NPC Wales in Swansea on the 18th May. All Welsh affiliates have one vote.

Note: Any person may stand in any of these elections.

The next OGM will be on the 25th 26th May in the Cheltenham campus of the University of Gloucester. This will include further discussion of the NPC postgraduate funding policy, including international and part-time postgraduates. All suggestions of what this policy should contain are welcome.

Finally, all positions on the Management, Finance and Constitutional Sub-Committee (except NPC Scotland and Wales positions), will be up for election at the AGM on the 17th August. Information on how to stand will be confirmed closer to the elections. In the meantime, potential candidates are encouraged to speak to the person currently holding the position on what the job involves.