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In the last edition of pn you may remember it saying watch this space for information of an online survey being set up to research the postgraduate opinion on certain aspects of academic and social life. The questionnaire has since been set up and can be reached at Further to this some preliminary results have been processed from the first 700 responses. Its still not too late to respond, please do encourage your institutions to take part if you havent done so already.

Some of the most interesting statistics are listed below:

Would you prefer to live with postgraduates only or in mixed accommodation if you had the choice?

55% Postgraduate only, 15% Mixed, 27% No Preference.

Do you feel there is a segregation between postgraduates and undergraduates at your institution?

66% Yes, 31% No

Would you encourage your institution to find ways of overcoming any segregation of postgraduates?

60% Yes, 36% No

Do you find it easier/harder to socialise and integrate with other postgraduate compared to undergraduates?

18% Easier, 54% Harder, 28% No difference

Do you think postgraduates can integrate with undergraduates (eg. in students union, clubs, societies) if encouraged to do so?

85% yes, 12% no

Such results do indicate to some extent that there is a lack of community identity for postgraduates to be able to have support within their own peer group. It does appear also that too much segregation would not be encouraged. This will be vital information for setting out appropriate guidelines to create appropriate balance.

Please also note that there is another more detailed survey put together now for institutions to respond to, which can be downloaded also from the features archive. This questionnaire has been put together to seek the response from postgraduate representatives or staff working in relation to postgraduate needs. Please do send a response if you are in such a position since we are seeking information from as many institutions across the UK as possible.

Full report and statistics