Welcome to the New NPC Newsletter

As the new communications officer of the National Postgraduate Committee, I would like to welcome you to the newly-relaunched NPC newsletter. This newsletter will be going out to affiliates each term, to let their officers know what NPC has been doing for them, and what important developments there have been in postgraduate education.

This should be an important year for NPC to reach out to its members. NPCs affiliations are on the increase and NPCs affiliates are now to representing close to 50% of the UKs 400,000 postgraduates. This year has also seen, in addition to the launch of this newsletter, the launch of the new NPC resource folder and the redesigned website, which will start give affiliates much more information on NPCs work.

This newsletter is intended to work in conjunction with the website, and a web version of this newsletter will be available alongside this paper version. Where any articles are covered in more details on the web page the link will be given.

Please give me your praise, comments or rants this is here for your benefit and I need to know what you want from this.


Chris Neville-Smith, Communications Officer