Research, demanding your information

So how do you feel as a postgraduate in your institution? It may have a good range of facilities specifically for postgraduates like a graduate school/college, postgraduate centre etc. It could be that your institution has very few PG facilities so you will not feel so privileged. Many institutions are recognising this and are working rapidly to meet the needs of their postgraduates in a competitive market. As this trend is followed, there is a fear experienced by many that a great segregation could be created between postgraduates and undergraduates that would not be desired. Bearing this in mind my project seeks to investigate this within different institutions across the UK.

This research demands information, however and you could help in the following ways:

Fill in an online questionnaire which will soon be launched on the NPC website.
Make contact with me to tell me about your institution, answer some longer questionnaires and provide some information about postgraduates in your institution (not a lot of work required).

Please do email me,, for more information. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be able to help.

Tim Brown, NPC Project Officer

Online questionnaire