Launch of the resource folder

The long-awaited Resource Folder was finally launched at the NPC Conference in Warwick last summer. All affiliates of NPC received one free copy over the summer, and a free copy will also go to new affiliates. Many thanks to CSU for providing the sponsorship for these folders.
The predecessor to the Resource Folder was an A5 booklet called The Postgraduate Book, which was, at the time, described as everything there is to know about postgraduates. The size of the Resource Folder now goes to show how much more NPC has become involved in postgraduate life since it began.

There are four sections to this guide. After the first section, that outlines the situation postgraduates are in, there is a second section providing guidelines for those supporting postgraduates, such as postgraduate officers and sabbatical education officers. The third section has the responses NPC has made to organisations on behalf of postgraduates since its launch. Finally, there is a fourth section that contains NPC guidelines in many areas, including what facilities postgraduates ought to expect for academic work and a guide for open and fair terms of employment in Universities.

The resource folder is not a static document and new sections will be added to the folder as time goes by. Please give us your feedback on what you make of the folder so that we know what we can add to it in the future.

The editors of the Resource Folder are Ewan Gillon and Jeremy Hoad.

Further copies of the Resource folder can be purchased for £20 (affiliates) / £40 (non-affiliates) from the General Secretary.

Chris Neville-Smith

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