St Andrews NPC Conference 2002

15th - 18th August 2002

Prof. Diana Woodward
Prof. Diana Woodward talks about part-time postgrads.

Taking our seats for the AGM

Frank Riddell
Stuart Purdie (Conference secretary)thanks Frank Riddell (Provost of St Leonard's College) for providing a great venue.

Views of St. Andrews

The Abbey
The Abbey

Sea View
A town by the sea

Quiet Moment
A tranquil Scottish town with a long proud history.

NPC Officers
This years NPC officers

CNP, Tim Roll-Pickering and Peter Campbell
engaged in deep philosophical discussion.

Pitch Prowess
Chris shows of his pitch prowess to Marilyn and Gemma.

Jim at the bar
Jim getting the round in.

Going for gold
This is getting serious.

A man with nerves of steel

Its a duel
"May the force be with you young pool-walker"

Chris grooves
Benson and Natasha are clearly impressed by Chris.

Chris at it again
CNS just keeps on going

Right leg first
Tim: "Ok I think I know how to do this one"
Chris: "Copy me, I've been watching CNS"

Power Finger
CNS: "It's all about the power finger...come on everybody, let's do the finger!"
Tim is still intrigued by the camera.

Jim Ewing remembers his Bruce Springsteen days.

Happy Exec
NPC Officers celebrate a successful conference