Student Activities for Postgraduates Survey

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We at the NPC were wondering whether you might spare a few moments of your time to fill out a brief survey concerning student activities for postgraduates, looking at ways this area is dealt with at institutions across the country, as part of a research project. The object of the project is to discover how well the postgraduate 'market' for activities is being catered for, and to attempt to formulate some guidelines as to best practice, and your input is vital to securing this goal. All responses shall be kept in the strictest confidence, and the final report shall contain only general descriptions; any quotations shall be attributed anonymously unless
we secure your permission for attribution.

If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact us at, but please do take the time to provide some of the fruits of your experience.


David Bean
Project Officer

Survey questions:

  • What kinds of activities do you/does your institution run/facilitate that are aimed specifically at postgraduates?
  • How often are these activities held?
  • How popular are they how many postgraduates generally come along?
  • Who handles the bulk of the organisational work?
  • In the summer (during the undergraduate holiday), do you find that there are generally more/fewer/about the same number of events?
  • Do you include, or aim to include, mature undergraduate students in postgraduate events?
  • In general, do you find that postgraduates tend to involve themselves in other, primarily undergraduate-led activities?
  • Are there any activities that seem particularly suited to the furtherance of postgraduate/undergraduate integration?
  • How do you find most postgraduates spend their majority of their social time?
  • To what extent does your Students association/Union/Guild assist with the provision of student activities for postgraduates?
  • What could it do to assist this further, that it is not doing already?
  • Can you think of any other relevant information not addressed directly by these questions?

Please email your answers to: