Responses sent by NPC for November 2002

Following two policy workshops in Cardiff during the November Ordinary General Meeting, two formal responses have been submitted. The first policy response was to that of the Joint Funding Bodies review of Research Assessment found at:

This consultation looks specifically at what quality research is and whether it is reflected by the current UK research and assessment exercise. We give our support to a peer assessment on quality research as the consultation considers the different options available to asess research quality. Also we show our idea of research quality to be that of well published research and also shown beyond that to give appreciation to society in general of its significance. The response we wrote can be downloaded in pdf from here.

The second response we wrote was to that of the joint funding councils report on improving standards for postgraduate research degrees. This can be found at:

This explores the case for improving standards for research students ranging from supervision standards, quality assurance and training. Many research students have little access to such standards so the report lays out performance indicators which NPC welcomes, although there are many difficulties in implementing these standards which NPC has addressed in the response. The response we wrote can be downloaded here.