Report on NPC Wales´s Second Meeting

NPC Wales held its second ever meeting in Swansea on Saturday 18 May 2002. Minutes will be available soon, but in summary our discussions covered the following issues:

Assembly Learning Grants
Petition signatures are still being collected. Full details and blank petitions can be downloaded by clicking here. A deadline of 31 May was set for the return of signatures to NPC Wales c/o PGSRC, Cardiff University Students Union, Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3QN.

Rees Report First Anniversary
The Rees Report was launched on 14 June 2001, so we discussed how NPC could mark the first anniversary. Delivering a birthday cake to the National Assembly was suggested as a possible media-friendly publicity stunt. If this could be organised as a joint event with NUS Wales, this could have a much bigger impact. NPC Wales is awaiting a reply to our letter from the Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning regarding progress on the postgraduate Rees Report recommendations.

Disabled Students Allowance
Natasha Hirst reported on the current situation with LEAs and Research Councils. The inequalities of the system were explained, including the disparity of provision that exists between undergraduate and postgraduate students, the complexities of application, and the lack of knowledge of the Research Councils of their own provision.

NPC Wales Treasurer Elected
Natasha Hirst was elected NPC Wales Treasurer.

A proposal was passed to approach Andrew Green to set up a bilingual facility on this website for the NPC Wales pages, and for the NPC Wales pages to be collected together. A poster will be produced advertising NPC Wales, with the slogan Your postgraduate voice in Wales.

HEFCE review of Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme
Reponses are required by 17 June, and we discussed the possibility of the NPC submitting a response. The report is available on the HEFCE website. This will be further discussed in a workshop at the Cheltenham OGM.

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