NPC Wales plans to petition on Assembly Learning Grants

Petition to the National Assembly for Wales for Fair Postgraduate Funding

The introduction of Assembly Learning Grants (ALGs) is great, but it is also important that access to postgraduate education (an issue identified by the Rees Report itself) is not forgotten. At the present time, postgraduates take a good share of Access Funds, not least because many of the least well off, and most heavily in debt, students are postgraduates. The Access Fund pot for 2001/2 in Wales is at a decent level (it wouldn't be needed at all if HE was properly funded of course), but as this fund is split into the ALGs and FCFs, NPC Wales is concerned to see that postgraduates still get decent access to the financial support they so badly need.

For this reason, NPC Wales/PC‘-R Cymru is collecting signatures on a petition, available in both English and Welsh. We would like as many people as possible to sign the petition - postgrads, student officers, and undergrads. Many undergrads will be looking into PG study at the moment, and will be deterred from applying by the financial barrier to entry. As more and more students go on to postgraduate study, this is an issue that should concern all students, not just those who are currently postgrads.

I hope you can help, even if its just a couple of signatures. Completed petitions should be returned to:

David Manning
NPC Wales Chair
Cardiff University Students' Union
Park Place
Cardiff CF10 3QN

Thanks for your help. If you have any questions please get in touch.

NPC Wales Chair