NPC Responds to Northern Ireland's Higher Education Strategy

NPC has responded to a recent consultation by the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland, which is making plans for higher education reform in light of the actions at Westminster. In the consultation there are very similar proposals to introduce tuition fees in the same way as in England and also to bring in reformed student complaints.

NPC has expressed its disappointment that DELNI has to go along with Westminster and follow a higher education bill that has caused a heavily divided government. Many of the arguements used before have been re-iterated to DELNI to counter act the idea that students as "beneficiaries" should contribute. NPC has given further ideas as to who the beneficiaries actually are.

The final part on reforming student complaints has NPC's full support and from that NPC hopes to see the implementation of an independent ajudicator within Northern Ireland.

To view the response you can click here.