NPC Responds to Gordon Brown's 10 Year Science and Innovation Plan

The Department of Trade and Industry, the Department for Education and Skills and the HM Treasury have released a joint consultation on a ten year science and innovation investment plan, which NPC has responded to.

Much of the consultation brings good news for increased funding to assist both academia and industry with research in this area. NPC welcomes many of the proposals, however, asks one or two unnoticed aspects are paid close attention to including:

  • Further efforts to widen participation at undergraduate level to attract more UK students to continue to postgraduate study and enter research.
  • The need to not just fund the best centres of reserach but to ensure that research is developed and maintained within every region. This is essential to ensure all prospective and existing students will have access to science and innovation and appreciate the need for such research.
  • The need for funding more taught postgraduate courses, as essential means to develop cognitive thinking and lead on individuals into research.

To view the consultation click here.

The response to the consultation can be found here.