NPC Responds to Consultation on Knowledge Exchanges and Research Funding Methods

The NPC has recenly submitted two consultation responses, both to the Higher Education Funding council for England. The first consultation is to the round 2 proopsals for the Higher Education Innovation Fund, which plans to create 20 grants to be awarded to higher education institutions who wish to facilitate effective knowledge exchange with business and other institutions.

In this consultation, NPC has given suggestions that projects are funded which consider how students, particularly postgraduates, are engaging with the outside world while undertaking a course. This would help postgraduates to more easily identify the benefit of furthering their qualifications. Further to this, NPC wishes to see that exchanges are being taken palce where there is some support from research intensive institutions for the benefit of small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

The second consultation considers a review of the research funding method. NPC has given significant remarks in terms of supporting the fact that funding plans will allocate support for the benefit of the research student in terms of supervision and training. However, NPC warns this is not done at the expense of losing a suitable research environment to work in since funds will be restricted in their useage. Also NPC does not support the idea that postgraduate research students to not contribute to the quality related (QR) volume measure of a department.