NPC Releases new Publication on Student Complaints

Back in 1998, NPC conducted a survey together with the Union of University of East Anglia Students to investigate complaints procedures across the UK. A number of responses were received from both student representative bodies and academic registries, which revealed a wealth of new information at the time regarding the diversity, informality and difficulty with student complaints. At postgraduate level there is also a particular importance to distinguish the difference between complaints and appeals.

A report was written up by Don Staniford, a then project officer of NPC and a postgraduate at the University of East Anglia. Although the report was widely distributed to many institutions after it was written (and gladly received by many) it was never officially published to be referenced by others and used accessibly. The report has therefore since been tidied up and made suitable for publication by Tim Brown, with one or two updates added.

It is hoped that NPC will be able to use the information in this report as evidence for the campaigns it has run over the years on student complaints - especially the medieval Univeristy Visitor system, which will hopefully be excluded form jurisdiction in the coming higher education Bill before Parliament. As the Office of the Independent Ajudicator (OIA) is established, this report will provide an interesting comparison as to how student complaints have changed over the years.

The report can be downloaded here and is freely available to all.