NPC Releases Guidelines on Postgraduate Provisions

Following the successful publication of Providing for the Postgraduate Market, to investigate the exclusive postgraduate facilities on offer in the UK while also investigating the postgraduate opinion regarding segregation from undergraduates and specific needs.

The guidelines, passed at the 2003 annual general meeting, consider the case that a postgraduate is going through a transition. This transition may begin as a fresh graduate, and still engaged with the undergraduate way of life. At the other end of the transition they may be preparing to be a member of research staff, and moved on significantly from where they were as an undergraduate. All postgraduates will move along this transition at a different rate and start or end at a different point.

While there are sufficient facilities at the undergraduate end and the staff end open to postgraduates generally, there is nothing in the middle, where the need to support the postgraduate peer group has been identified. These guidelines have therefore been written for institutions with large numbers of postgraduates who are considering expanding their postgraduate facilities. This is already happening to an extent at present and is likely to continue in the near future.

An important point to note from the guidelines that while exclusive facilities may provide support for the postgraduate peer group, it is important that they help provide open access to both undergraduate and staff facilities for those who wish to use them. This will enable all postgraduates to use facilities open to them as they see fit.

To view the guidelines you can click here. Hard copies will be mailed to affiliates in due course. Additional copies are avilable at 2 each.