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Dear reader,

The National Postgraduate Committee (NPC) is conducting a UK wide survey sponsored by Graduate Prospects Ltd. to find evidence on the impact of education funding on the postgraduate market. In order to present realistic evidence to the government on this issue, it will be necessary to gather evidence from as many current and prospective postgraduates as possible. Your support will therefore be gratefully appreciated if you could take part in the survey or distribute it to email lists, bulletin boards and other information sources for postgraduates and prospective postgraduates that you have access to.
We are seeking the following people only in one of these three categories to take part in the survey:

1. An undergraduate student who has considered or is considering postgraduate study in the UK.
2. A graduate who has considered or is considering postgraduate study in the UK at a later stage beyond graduation.
3. A current postgraduate student in the UK.

You may go to the questionnaire at the link below which will take less than 10 minutes to complete. The deadline for responses is April 15th 2006.

The NPC is very grateful for your input to this survey which will help us to campaign better for postgraduates in the UK. Results will be
made available in a publication freely available on NPC's website.

Yours Sincerely,
Simon Felton
General Secretary, National Postgraduate Committee
Sponsored by