NPC February OGM Agenda

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The details of the forthcoming OGM. All are welcome.

Ordinary General Meeting of the National Postgraduate Committee
4th -5th February 2006
University of Cranfield Students Association

There will be a training session on Postgraduate Welfare

Formal Session

1.0 Sederunt and apologies
2.0 Chairs address
3.0 Minutes
3.1 Minutes of NPC OGM held at the University of Essex
3.2 Minutes of NPC management subcommittee held at the BUGS(21st January)
3.3 Minutes of the Constitutional Sub-committee
4.0 Matters Arising
5.0 Motion
6.0 Financial Report
6.1 Treasurers report to the OGM Tim Roll-Pickering
6.2 Balance Sheet
6.3 Cash Book

7.0 Reports
7.1 General Secretary Simon Felton
7.2 NPC Scotland ( Chair Person) Maggie Chapman
7.3 Conference Secretary Stephen abbots
7.4 Communications Officer Duncan Connor
7.5 Equal opportunities Officer Lade Robinson
7.6 Project officers
7.6.1 David Bean

7.6.2 Dries Neirynck
7.6.3 Ishmail Malik

7.7 Any other Reports

Please note: Chairperson, Minutes secretary, and Ordinary Executive Officers are not required to give a reports, though they may do so if they wish.

8.0 Elections of Office Bearers
8.1 Minutes Secretary
8.2 Project Officer

9.0 Elections to Conferences

9.1 UKCGE (United Kingdom for Graduate Education)
10.0 Consultations and current projects Simon Felton

10.0 AOB

Date and time of the Next OGM

End of Formal session

Break 30 minutes

Informal session Resumes:

This Session will include a series of workshops

Session 1 (1hour)

Robin Stanfield CSA President

'The Cranfield Experience'

An overview of the university, the students, and how Cranfield works, both as a separate body and with the university's senior management to best serve the members of the association. This will allow delegates to make some comparisons and contrasts with what happens within a purely postgraduate environment, as opposed to a more conventional institution.

Session 2 (45 mins)

Dr Martin Gough and Duncan Connors

The Journal of Graduate Education and pn

This interactive session is for facilitating a better awareness and
Understanding in NPC members and other participants about outlets for writing and publication which come within the field of interest of the postgraduate community. We shall cover the history of the Journal of Graduation Education, in the context of the journal market, its relation to the NPC and the future plans in relation to it, comprising a re-launch. The NPC has authored and produced itself authoritative documents on various topics and also a newsletter, currently called PN. We Intend that you, NPC participants, becoming more aware of the alternative Outlets, and the sort of writing appropriate for them, we will encourage you to write more, with options to discuss or present the same topic in
different ways in different outlets.

Session 3 (1hour)

NPC reform: fairer funding and greater representation.

Session 4 (45mins)

The PG Handbook
Would it be useful, would it be cost effective, Hardcopy vs electronic, contents and audience?

Session 4

Conference 2006

Session 5

Tim Roll-Pickering
Departmental closure

Officers Reports are available here.